Alice in Wonderland Cosplay

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Alice in Wonderland is a fantasy dark comedy adventure film and it was liked by many audience, especially the image of Mad Hatter was fixed in ours' mind. Do you know the character? If not, you can see the introduction from here. He was like a clown, maybe that comical image caused our eyes and it cosplayed by many cosplayers.
Most of time you can see the character on Halloween. Because of Mad Hatter has different type of cloth that you can have many choices , maybe that was one of the reason he was popular on cosplay event. If you want to wear Mad Hatter's cloth take part in Halloween, you should choose one of the costume at first. The brown one, the teal one, the purple one, or the grey one, think carefully which one do you like and cosplay it now. 
The make up of Mad Hatter is hard, but this one will caught many people's eyes in the cosplay event. so go to choose one of the Alice in Wonderland costume now and make up like Mad Hatter, you will be the most showy among the event.

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