Different Type of Maid Costume

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Maid Costume is from Japan and it becomes more and more popular around the world, if you are like the type of style, you can also cosplaying it. What are you waiting for?, Just come to The maid cosplay costume store  , you can find the one you like and also supply custom made service. Hope you can enjoy it.

Maid cosplay & Costume

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Maid Costumes

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Anime Maid Costumes for Women

Maid is a profession that is often to be seen in anime, manga, or video game. Usually, the Maid in the story is a very cute, beautiful, and charming girls. The maid sometimes play important role in the story line, and even become the main character.

  • The Long Maid Costumes These costumes mostly look like classical maid outfits worn by the maids and housekeepers. The long maid costumes which are somewhat business-like and very austere are in high demand among the cosplay people in Japan for their snobbish demands and rare value.
  • The Short Maid Costumes These are another style of maid costumes of Japanese cosplay, and are an altered style of classical French maid costumes. These costumes which come with short skirts are quite popular among the Japanese youngsters.
  • The Mini Maid Costumes These kind of maid costumes have skirts which are very short and above the knee. Along with these dresses, often the girls wear petticoats or knickers with the mini skirts which are short enough to display them.
  • The Lolita Maid Costumes These costumes which are like Lolita costumes are sometimes worn by the Japanese ladies instead of the apron dress. Also, along with these costumes, they look very sweet and lovely with the lolita maid costumes.
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